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Clima Simple – Weather App with Style (Coming Soon)

[hr] Know the climate and weather conditions of your area with a simple yet beautiful app in Spanish. CLIMA SIMPLE: Con Recordatorio Ladies and gentleman! Stay ahead of the weather game and bring your umbrella every time with a useful climate app for your phone or tablet. Keep your events in tune with the weather…
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Batería Mega – Battery Saver Assistant for Android (Coming Soon)

[hr] Save battery power with the ultimate battery saver for Android and take full control of your device in Spanish. BATERÍA MEGA: Asistente Ahorrador Ladies and gentleman! Save battery like a pro Android user with a simple yet powerful app with animated graphics and mega utility features for total battery domination. extend your battery life…
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Remoto VNC DMS – Free VNC Remote Desktop App (Coming Soon)

[hr] Control your PC or Mac securely from your Android phone or tablet with this amazing free VNC app in Spanish. The ultimate remote desktop application. REMOTO VNC DMS: Control Total A Distancia Dominate your computer from a distance! Manage your computer with an easy to use VNC app and take control of presentations, manage…
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Círculo GPS – Location Security for the family & business (Coming Soon)

[hr] Locate your family or employees with ease in a full GPS security app completely in Spanish. CÍCRULO GPS: Seguridad y Rastreo Ladies and gentleman! Keep what matters in control and know if your family members or employees have left one of your GPS zones and get notificated instatly through SMS, E-mail or mobile notification.…
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