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UFO TEMPLE WARS : Underground Battle (Shooter & Racing)

[hr] Free racing flying shooter game where you collect thousands of coins to unlock more bizarre and exotic ufo craft! Fight in mystery caves and shoot other evil aliens in an unlimited battle! Be ready for the ultimate war! UFO TEMPLE WARS: Underground Battle Ladies and gentleman! Ancient cultures seem to have taken the caves…
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Airplane Madness: War for Glory (Shooter & Racing)

[hr] FOR ALL AIRPLANE RACING GAMES FANS WE BRING YOU THE ORIGINAL GAME FOR YOUR PHONE OR TABLET ON ANDROID: AIRPLANE MADNESS: War for Glory Free racing shooter game in clouds! Super fun and simple game that won't occupy much of your device's internal memory or sd card. Ladies and gentleman, here's the story... It's…
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A Starship Travel Combat

[hr] A galactic racing challenge with millions of coins to earn! Have you ever wanted to venture and travel to the stars, battling in a starship at thousands of miles per hour in an unlimited cosmic battle? Welcome to the majestic free flying shooter game: "A STARSHIP TRAVEL COMBAT: Unlimited War Fight" It all takes…
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BUGS vs ALIENS : Combat Nibiru X A Combat Story (Shooter & Racing)

[hr] WELCOME TO THE CRAZIEST RACING BATTLE! "BUGS vs ALIENS: A Combat Story" In a far away Earth like planet, a spectacular conflict between insect and humanoid gentleman species has begun, leading to a race for glory. In this awesome game, perfect for the whole family, you will have to fly through the giant jungle…
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